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              Art.code T30 6W 
              Type of light source  
              Lighting technology used LED
              Non-directional or directional Non-Directional
              Light source cap-type (or other electric interface) E27
              Mains or non-mains Mains
              Connected light source (CLS) no
              Colour-tuneable light source no
              High luminance light source no
              Anti-glare shield no
              Dimmable no
              General product parameters  
              Energy consumption in on-mode (KWh/1000h) 6
              Energie-efficiëntieklasse F
              Useful luminous flux (lm) 600LM
              Beam angle correspondence Sphere
              Correlated colour temperature type no
              Correlated colour temperature (K) 2700K
              On-mode power (W) 6
              Standby power (W) 0
              Colour rendering index 80
              Colour rendering index range (Minimum) 80
              Colour rendering index range (Maximum) 82
              Outer dimensions (Height) (millimetre) 300
              Outer dimensions (Width) (millimetre) 30
              Outer dimensions (Depth) (millimetre) 30
              Claim of equivalent power Yes
              If Yes; Equivalent power (W) 50w
              Chromaticity coordinate (x) 0.463
              Chromaticity coordinate (y) 0.42


              Parameters for directional light sources no
              Peak luminous intensity (cd) no
              Beam angle (degrees) no
              Beam angle range (Minimum) (degrees) no
              Beam angle range (Maximum) (degrees) no
              Parameters for LED and OLED light sources  
              R9 Colour rendering index >0
              Survival factor 0.9
              Lumen maintenance factor 0.94
              Parameters for LED and OLED mains light sources  
              Displacement factor 0.5
              Colour consistency in McAdam ellipses 6
              Claims that an LED light source replaces a fluorescent light source without integrated ballast of a particular wattage no
              If Yes; Replacement claim (W) no
              Flicker metric (W) 1
              Stroboscopic effect metric (W) 0.4



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